Our Training Aids
What do our state of the art training aids mean for you the student?

They mean that you get the most feedback on your performance! By using Prestan® manikins, you are provided with immediate feedback on your compression depth, and rate. The Prestan® manikins are very life like, easy to clean, and sanitize, as well as being very durable. The feeling of doing compressions on your manikin is very similar to doing compressions on a real person!

Better training equals better results.

We also use realistic prosthetic injuries, so you can actually see the injury you are treating. The more realistic we can make the training, the more likely you are to perform favourably when you are required to do so in real life.

  • Prestan® manikins
  • Prestan® AED Trainers
  • Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer
  • Demo Dose® medication simulators
  • Ferno® stretchers
  • Life/form® airway manikins
  • Ambu® collars, & BVMs
  • Physio logic® sphygmomanometers & stethoscopes
  • OxyWatch® Pulse Oximeters
  • Baxter® IV products
  • O_two ® regulators
  • Laerdal V-Vac® suction
  • Custom prosthetic injuries
  • Multiple custom fabricated training aids.